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libros de leyes


  • Development of corporate minutes

  • Preparation and review of contracts

  • Dispute resolution

  • Legal due diligence

  • Fraud investigation

  • International negotiations

  • International Trade

  • Creation of off shore companies


At Keyswot we offer a multidisciplinary and highly trained team to attend to the needs and legal contingencies that arise, which we achieve through a network of lawyers and partner firms, who guarantee that our clients receive comprehensive care.

We accompany our clients from the construction and planning of their business concept, in its beginning into legal life through its constitution, we monitor the evolution of the business concept, seeking its strengths and exercising restraint when the client's needs require it.

We believe that setting up our clients and their products is only the starting point of our journey. We then create strategies for the identification, prevention and resolution of conflict that ensure each party in the agreement is satisfied and the business can run smoothly.

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